The idea for PassMasters was born during a party in Berlin in 2009. Philipp and Stevie thought of bringing together all friends and colleagues that happen to be car freaks for a cool road trip.
So in 2010 PassMasters took place for the first time, starting in Munich with 53 people and 36 cars of all price-categories, including youngtimers and cars of today. The aim was to explore the mountain roads of the alps and to climb the Stelvio Pass as seen in TopGear (which only some of us did in the end…;)). The trip took us all the way down to Lago di Garda. Having been lucky with the weather and the traffic everybody had a real blast! By the end of the trip it was clear that this had to happen again.
In 2011 we started with 100 people and 75 cars. The group got bigger, because even more friends and colleagues had heard about the fantastic trip the year before and wanted to join. This time we headed for the Dolomites via Timmelsjoch and through the Sarntal. The drive was topped off by a nice walk to a typical mountain-hut where we all had a wonderful dinner together.
2012 we went to do the proper TopGear route this time. From Schlanders to Davos over the Ofen- and Flüelapass and twice over the Stelvio. The group had gotten bigger again with almost 150 people in 95 cars. A BBQ-dinner put a nice end to a exciting and exhausting day of driving.
The BIG difference to events like Gumball always was and still is the pure focus on sharing the experience of cars and driving in a group of friends in panoramic scenery, without decadent show-offs and without breaking the law in any way. In addition it´s important to mention, that PassMasters is NOT a commercial event. No money is earned by the organizators.

Registration and participation with invitation only.

We would like to thank Mr. Uedelhoven for his help and generous support (

Many thanks as well to Jörg Rapp for his help and checking out the very best routes for us (

Thank you very much to André, who built the website in his private time for no money!

From 2012 the organization of the website is in the hands of Marcus Holzinger
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